Our vegan chick’n patty won’t ruffle any feathers, topped with tasty cheese, freshened with crispy lettuce and finished with a smear of mayo and mustard. 100% Vegan.

Nutritional Information

Big Chick'n Burger
Servings: 1 Average Quantity Per Serving Average Quantity
Per 100g
Energy (kj) 2877 1133
Energy (cal) 688 271
Protein (g) 22 8.6
Fat, total (g) 38.7 15.2
– saturated (g)* 9.6 3.8
Carbohydrate, total (g) 67.2 26.5
– sugars (g) 9.5 3.8
Sodium (mg) 1194 470
Mini Chick'n Burger
Servings: 1 Average Quantity Per Serving Average Quantity
Per 100g
Energy (kj) 1529 1020
Energy (cal) 366 243
Protein (g) 11.7 11.2
Fat, total (g) 21.7 10.1
– saturated (g)* 5 1.5
Carbohydrate, total (g) 33.4 28.4
– sugars (g) 4.8 2.3
Sodium (mg) 597 407
Ingredients & Allergens

CHEESE SLICES: Water, coconut oil(non-hydrogenated)(245) modified starch (E1422) sea salt, vegan flavourings, coconut sugar, colour (natural B – carotene & paprika), extract preservative: sorbet acid (E200)

BELGIAN MAYO – canola oil, soy milk, lemon juice, mustard, pepper, salt [Allergens: soy]

MILD AMERICAN MUSTARD – water, mustard seed 14%, sugar, salt, acidity regulator (acetic acid), herb and spice extracts, garlic extract [Allergens: garlic]


BUN – wheat flour (thiamine, folic acid) water, sugar, canola oil, potato flour (potato, emulsifiers (471), flour treatment agent (300), yeast, salt, soya flour, enzymes, colour (102,110) [Allergens: wheat gluten, soy. May contain traces of rye, barley, oats, egg, milk, peanuts, seseme seeds, tree nuts and sulphites]

MIN & BIG BURGERS COME WITH THE VEG CHICK’N PATTY – Water, Textured Vegetable Protein (25%) (defatted soy flour, Caramel Colour), Veg Oil, Yeast Extract, Thickener (Methylcellulose) Salt, Stabiliser (Guar Gum), Cayenne Pepper and Spices. [Allergens – soy]

PREMIUM BURGERS COME WITH THE PREMIUM CHICK’N PATTY – water, say protein concentracye 14%, wheat protein, sunflower oil, natural flavours, thickener (modified vegetable gum (416)), salt, dried yeast, autolyzed yeast extract, breadcrumbs (wheat flour, salt, yeast, sugar, soya bean oil), dehydtrated vegetables (onion garlic, bell peppers), natural flavours and seasonings, citric acid, silicon dioxide [Allergens – soy, wheat, gluten, gonion, garlic]


Soy, Gluten, Garlic

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DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that food prepared at Lord of the Fries is manufactured in facilities that may process non-vegan products and may therefore contain traces of non-vegan material. Nutritional Information is indicative as products vary from state to state.

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