Sizzlin’ up the future of snags

We’re BEYOND excited to bring our loyal fry-fans across the country the latest from globally- celebrated Beyond Meat… **drum roll please** – introducing the legendary Beyond Sausage.

Seriously futuristic and seriously delicious, the 100% vegan, revolutionary plant-based sausage looks, cooks and tastes just like a conventional snag … packed full of protein and tastier than your average weekend footy snag.

Available in three taste sensations to suit our current hot dog range, you’ll be coming back to your local LOTF to get a bite of them all!

Try the Brat Original in the classic Melbourne hot dog, topped with cheese, onion and a combo of mustard and ketchup. Or why not order the Sweet Italian in the Chicago hot dog with crunchy pickle, relish, peppers and mustard. Or the Lords all-time favourite, Hot Italian with Tijuana for our spice lovers out there, filled with jalapeños, cheese, onion and a spicy tomato sauce – fiery!

Some of our favourites have come in-store to taste-test Beyond Sausage for themselves, read the reviews from Broadsheet and Good Food.

Beyond Sausage is available for a Premium upgrade for an additional $4 at a store near you!

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