For a minute there you may have thought the Mac n’ Cheese Balls would be forever provolone… but not anymore, they just got company. We heard your tummies rumblin’ and we listened. Please welcome the NEW Mac n’ Cheese Burger!

Get ready for even more cheesy puns… yep, it’s possible.

We’re making Mac ‘n’ Cheese grate again by introducing the Mac ‘n’ Cheese burger 100% vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheese patty, topped with double cheese, lettuce, pickles, tomato, jalapeños, mustard and BBQ sauce. Think it’s too much? We totally dis-a-brie. This bad boy makes us melt and has just become available for you to get your hands on at LOTF.

So cheese lovers, look in the mirror, say halloumi (get it), get out the door, and walk into your local Lord of the Fries because this oozy delicious burger of cheese goodness won’t be here for long!

This won’t steal all your cheddar, it’s available in all stores across Aus for $12.

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