Vegan Restaurants Adelaide

R’Adelaide! Lord of the Fries is in town with two of the most delicious vegetarian, and vegan restaurants Adelaide has to offer! Who can resist that? Not us, that’s for sure.

We’ve got you covered with freshly cooked burgers, hot dogs and our famous and oh so incredibly delicious fries. All 100% plant based. Even our breakfast menu and milkshakes are vegan!

Both our restaurants are in Adelaide’s most accessible locations for your convenience, and we’ve even added an option to order online, so you can skip the queues altogether!

As the world is only beginning to wake up to the benefits of vegan food, Lord of the Fries are leading the charge in delicious vegan food.

Ethically Vegan Food

Everything on our menu is 100% Vegan, which also means 100% guilt free. What’s more, our fries are locally sourced from fresh Aussie potatoes and cooked in a non-GMO cottonseed sunflower oil blend. When we say ethical, we mean the best vegan restaurants Adelaide has to offer.


We’re here come rain, hail, or breakfast

Oh yeah. We understand the morning struggle of your daily commute. For that something quick and tasty to brighten up your morning pop in for some fakin’ bacon, vegan eggs, fluffy muffins and delicious hash browns. Breakfast is served!