The Lords stamp their passport

We pride ourselves on being ethical purveyors of Australia’s most loved fries, with a side of burgers, hot dogs and food puns – so why keep the goodies to ourselves?

We’re very excited to announce that we’re taking our vegan ethical fast food global… next stop Ahmedabad, India later this year.

We have big plans for our South Asian neighbours, with up to 100 stores lined up over the next couple of years!

“India has been on the radar for a long time for us, with an established vegan and vegetarian culture and their hunger for Aussie brands,” says co-founder, Mark Koronczyk.

Featuring our all-inclusive menu, made with love, not animals, we’re excited to take our Aussie vegetarian bounty across the seas.

What part of the map do you want to see us venturing to next fry-lovers?

Stay tuned, y’all.

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