What’s your name?
Shanaka Fernando

Who are you?
I am the founder of Lentil As Anything

At this moment, where are you writing from?
Writing from the body that is sticking out from my shoes, which comes equipped with a set of small digits that make it easy to type….. ah the digital era!

Can you explain what the ‘Lentil as Anything’ ethos and mission is?
The ethos I got off a Kellogg’s cornflakes packet that said “open at the top” I ignored this directive and opened it at the bottom and all the contents still stayed inside as Kellogg’s was anticipating my disobedience and put the contents in a plastic bag inside the box. I thought that we would do well to anticipate people’s disobedience against saving money and living selfishly. Our ethos and mission is to use food to bring people together.

We love the ‘Pay as you feel’ payment method for Lentil as Anything, where did you get the idea to start this?
We are a society that lives too much in our heads. We need to feel more in the immediacy of our experience. This is what provoked the pay as you feel philosophy.

Does it work? Has anyone put a crazy amount of money down for a dish?
Failures are successes in disguise. Don’t beat yourself up if you make mistakes, you can learn valuable lessons from them 🙂

Why Lentils?
Because it rhymes/ puns with Mental as Anything

What is your favourite dish at Lentils as Anything?
Our Spicy Burger!

When you are not cooking up a storm, what would be your favourite item to order from LOTF?
The New Guru Burger, like us, you have a delicious spicy vegan burger on the menu!

Lastly…sweet potato fries of classic fries?
Sweet potato.

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