What’s your name?
Sarah Riegelhuth

Who are you?
I’m a serial entrepreneur, gypsy and passionate Vegan!

You’re the co-founder of Grow My Team, Wealth Enhancers and the League of Extraordinary Women … amongst your writing and board member hats! How do you balance them all and your personal life?!
I guess the answer is my work largely is my personal life. I love what I do, am incredibly passionate about all my businesses, and love the
people I work with. All my companies are completely remote and fully flexible, this gives me incredible freedom to be wherever in the world I want to be and work the hours that work best for me each day. I enjoy being busy but take down time as I need. I enjoy the freedom I have to choose to perhaps do yoga on Friday afternoon and spend Sunday morning working in a cafe.

You’ve also written a book, Get Rich Slow, can you explain the #getrichslow method and your top tip for our fry-fans?
My #getrichslow philosophy is all about slow and sustainable wealth creation. Starting small with saving and investing but starting now rather than putting it off until you earn more, or pay off debt, or whatever other excuse we can come up with!Even $10 a week into a savings or investment account is better than nothing.

My top tip is to automate your finances, setting up direct debits and automatic transfers so that all your bills are being paid and your savings and investment amounts are happening automatically. Along with this, have a completely separate bank account for your day-to-day spending (I refer to this as your Personal Spending account) and again, automatically transfer a set amount each week and stick to that. No credit cards and no dipping into your savings for whimsical purchases!

As a fellow vegan, when did you make the switch?
I’ve been vegetarian since around the age of 15 and consumed a relatively small amount of eggs and dairy since then, however made the
commitment to become vegan about 2 years ago after really understanding the environmental impact raising animals for food is having on the planet.

Healthwise I’ve always felt great eating plant based, so that part was easy for me.

As a busy entrepreneur, what’s your go-to vegan mean?
I’m a big fan of throwing together buddha bowls and keep ingredients handy for me to do this. An example of what I’d throw in a bowl is:
Base of steamed basmati rice Chopped raw kale

Steamed broccoli
Quick sautéed shitake mushrooms
Fermented kimchi
Topped with vegan mayonnaise, sesame seeds,
spring onions, crumbled seaweed, nutritional
yeast and a drizzle of tamari and sesame oil

What’s your favourite burger from LOTF?
Big, big fan of the Original, made premium with the Beyond Meat burger. So yum.

Lastly…thin or thick cut fries?

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