What’s your name?
Ellie Bullen

Who are you?
I’m a plant-based dietitian, social media influencer behind Elsa’s Wholesome Life, cookbook author and owner of a small e-commerce store, The Wholesome Store.

At this moment, where are you writing from?
My kitchen bench in my home in Bali.

Tell us about your journey to become a vegan.
My journey began about six years ago during my university studies. I became interested in learning about the nutritional benefits of a plant-based diet and from there, I created my Instagram account. I began sharing with the world the food I was creating and lifestyle I was learning about.

What inspired you to start Elsa’s Wholesome Life?
I created Elsa’s Wholesome Life about four years ago. My university degree was very science heavy and I needed an outlet to create art, and I did this with vegan food when I was cooking at home. It was purely out of a hobby that this all began and I never would have dreamt that it would become the beginning of my career. I was approached by my publisher to publish my first cookbook and jumped at the chance, as it has always been my dream.

You write a blog, run the wholesome store, have written a cook book and even Vlog (phew!) – which is your favourite platform? How do you make time for it all?
I really have to say Instagram because that is where it all began; however, my newly created YouTube channel is exciting because it’s a new way to engage with people via video format. To be honest, life is very busy right now and so we’re in the process of finding some amazing people to help us out with some of the aspects, as I would love to have more time for creating content and planning the future.

Where to next for Elsa’s Wholesome life?
Well in seven days I am actually getting married, which we are so excited for! From there, my partner and I will see out the next 6 months here in Bali and travelling in between, before moving back to Australia and releasing some exciting new products and news!

What advice do you have for someone who’s thinking of joining the plant-based lifestyle?
To take it easy, enjoy the journey and educate yourself so that you have the tools to do it successfully.

You’re looking for a treat yo’ self meal and drive past LOTF – what’s your go to combo deal?
My fave would have to be the New Guru…with an extra side of pickles.

Lastly…thin or thick cut fries?
Thick cut all the way!

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