Educ’ate’ yourself with LOTF’s Student Happy Hour

It’s that time of year again! Time to pick up the books and stress about class schedule clashes – welcome to or welcome back to semester one 2019. Ya’ll are about to get educ’ate’d.

Yes, this does mean the summer holidays are wrapping up, but hey now, it ain’t all bad, the start of the semester means good vibes to come. Think new friends, new clubs to join, classes you actually want to do, and of course, Student Happy Hour.

The Lords know times can be tough when you’re constantly worryin’ about things like textbooks, train passes, and new pens each week (we know you keep losing them). But, don’t go crying in a toilet cubicle just yet, although there’s no shame in that, we’ve got a meal deal guaranteed to make studying better – no, it won’t write that essay for you.

Empty stomachs matching your empty wallets? Our Student Happy Hour will cure your hunger. Head to your local LOTF from 3pm to 5pm on weekdays to pick a combination of two out of three combo items for $5. Whether its chips + nuggets, or chips + drink, or even nuggets + drink, you get to couple up your faves to tackle that 3pm ‘uni is killing me’ wall. What a steal!

Make sure you keep an eye out for Lord of the Fries discounts and vouchers being handed out around your uni’s this O’Week. Happy studying ya’ll!

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