Community Care

This month, the Lords have had the opportunity to support a few incredible organisations that help inspire love and leave the planet better than they found it. They are simply fry-tastic!

If you don’t know much about the charity Able, these amazing humans strongly believe in creating an inclusive community for people of all abilities and go above and beyond for those in need of community support. A few lucky recipients will receive the Lord’s vouchers at a fundraising gig. Music and entertainment? We’re there!

Engineers without borders are putting on a first-rate Trivia night to shed light on initiatives such as ‘Spokes in the Wheel program’ and their ‘School Outreach program’.  They use their power (skills) to help communities in the developing world and Australia to solve engineering problems and we’ve supported them by donating some fry-tastic food vouchers for prizes.

Multicultural week at the University of Western Australia has been a university-wide tradition since 1999! The annual Spring Night Festival is back with a celebration of cultures through the common love of food. We’ve provided enough vouchers for every goodie bag going around.

Keep sharing the love.


Until next time,


chelsey johnslord of the fries surfers paradise