Chip in

We love supporting our Earth-lovin’ pals as much as you, which is why we’re launching our giveback campaign ‘Chip In’!

Over the next few months we’ll be supporting Nature Australia Conservancy, an organisation committed to battling climate change and protecting our shorelines – and they’re doing a seriously good job at it. So far, they’ve conserved 127 million hectares of land and water in Aus. Hot-diggity-damn that’s a lot of land.

How do they do this? Glad you asked! Nature Australia Conservancy works with a bunch of local communities, governments, Indigenous groups, and businesses, banding together to figure out the best way to put climate change in the bin (recycling of course). Putting ‘science into action’, Nature Australia Conservancy uncovers innovative ideas to achieve top conversation results, for us humans and for nature.

The Lords love the sound of this and want to help with the great work they’re doing to support our favourite thing in this world – our home. This is where you come in – simply pick up one of our brand new LOTF pins for $5 next time you’re in store and the total of your purchase goes towards conserving our planet! Talk about a guilt free feed – eat chips and support a good cause.

So lend a helping hand and keep your eyes peeled in store for how you can support our charity… Spreading the love one chip at a time!

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