Busting Vegan Myths with friends of the fries

Last week, friends of The Lord’s gathered to bust vegan myths and discuss all things plant- based and delicious alongside a panel of experts and some hungry fries’ lovers.

This wasn’t your average panel of food-lovers who love a chat. No, no, no. We heard from a variety of experts in their field including; Neena founder and vegan fashion advocate Linda Weatherlake, psychologist and lecturer Matthew Ruby, and plant-based naturopath and BioMedical scientist Candace Borg.

From the vegan vs vegetarian debate, how to fuel your body on a vegan diet, and a look inside the cruelty-free fashion industry, we heard it all and loved every minute of it.

Linda opened our eyes to the industry behind what most of us believe is ethically sourced leather (we learnt there’s no such thing). However, fashion lovers never fear, there are plenty of stylish bag brands out there that use recyclable and ethical materials for your next bag upgrade. Dr Matthew gave us a run-down on the psychological choices behind taking that step from a vegetarian diet to a vegan diet – the biggest barrier? People don’t want to give up cheese! Candace dished out tips and tricks on how to stay nourished when switching to plant-based diets. Fun fact, our nails tell us a lot more about ourselves than we think.

Not only did we fill our hungry minds, we filled our hungry bellies. The Lords served up their fave burgers, fries and sides from the menu, and we even got a sneaky taste of what’s to come next year, but no spoilers (hint – it’s seriously good and the perfect after burger treat).

Thanks for all those who came – thanks to like-minded food and animal lovers like you guys,
Lord of the Fries can keep doing their thang. Until next year, stay hungry friends.

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