Did you ever wonder how Lord of the Fries makes the best tasting food, all while being one hundred percent vegan? We did too! So we sat down with their founders to talk about what makes their burgers so good and how they constantly stay at the top of the vegan burger game.

New vegan burger creation inspiration

According to one of the Lord of the Fries founders, Amanda Walker, lots of work goes into sussing out what their customers want to eat both in Australia and on a global scale. – “We do a lot of research online and see what’s happening around the world. We follow what’s going on at our favourite restaurants, even if they’re not vegan. We sort of look and see what’s moving around and then we convert it into something that works for us and that we would be personally excited to eat.”

So, what makes a great vegan burger?

Lord of the Fries knows how to keep things simple. Their recipes follow the standard burger rule; have the right ingredients and ensure that they’re fresh and healthy. That’s their simple secret to making a mouth-watering vegan burger!

Choosing the right ingredients

As a nature loving, all-vegan group of foodies built the brand, it is natural that Lord of the Fries chooses only the highest quality ingredients. This means fresh and locally sourced ingredients that are 100% vegan, without any chemicals, toxic preservatives or other nasties. The decision to keep everything all vegan however, doesn’t come without its challenges. This is particularly a challenge when sourcing ingredients, but the whole team insists that they wouldn’t have it any other way!

Fortunately for our taste buds, the team at Lord of the Fries is up to the task with a little bit of good ol’ Aussie creativity. When challenged to give their Beyond Meat patties that juicy and bouncy consistency many people are so often used to with meat burgers, but staying true to their 100% vegan mantra, the team came up with a solution to infuse their vegan patties with beetroot juice. This not only made the patty juicy and bouncy, but gave it that mouth-watering reddish-brown colour that makes their vegan burger a treat for the eyes as well.

Is healthiness of the burger considered?

As veganism isn’t just about ethics but also a healthier overall lifestyle, we were curious if health was taken into account before a new burger was released – “We do consider how healthy the burger is, to an extent. We don’t like to do massive stacked burgers like other places do.”

Burger taste vs. health

As mentioned, how healthy the burger is taken into, but the taste of the burger is always the priority of the Lords! You can make super-healthy food at home and there are places people will go for a healthy meal, however if you feel like a burger, hot dog or fries, there are no other quick service restaurants that has better nutritional data and is better for you than Lord of the Fries. This is due to an emphasis on locally sourced, fresh and healthier, plant based ingredients. Lord of the Fries is the delicious choice for health-conscious individuals.

So, who gets to taste test?

The most important question, I’m sure everyone was dying to know – who gets to taste these crafty creations? Well, everyone in the Lord of the Fries head office taste tests! The head office is attached to one of the shops, so the team is always taste-testing. That’s just one of the many perks of the job. Lucky!